Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mother in law and Skateboards

Candida, Coltons mom, attempted to skateboard the other day and it ended the day tragically. Her, Johnny and the kids were at the Springville skatepark on monday evening just playing around when Candida wanted to try. She was just fine riding around and then she wanted to try a ramp. As she rolled up she changed her mind and tried to roll back well she went back and her foot was not in a good position and went she came down it twisted and cracked and she crumbled. Ambulances and all sorts of help rushed there. They had to knock her out to twist her foot back into place. They took her to Provo hospital for emergency surgery. They placed rods and screws to hold her foot together. As of today she is still there but she can walk around with the help of crutches and is hoping to go home tonight! So that will teach ya not to mess with a skateboard. I personally wont even place my feet on one for fear of something horrible. lol

Sunday, May 18, 2008

An interesting Friday!!!

I decided to get one of these for myself and anyone who wants to read it hope my life is interesting to you all...

Anyways friday was an interesting day... here's how it all began

Late, sick, tired and moody... you all know what that leads to. My body has teased me on this subject for months and always turned out negative until friday. Two weeks late and super tired and stomach aches so I went and got a test. First Response. It came with two, two lines means preg one means not, and only takes one min for results. So I do what you do with them and set it on the counter as I was washing my hands I watching the dark line appear just one so I finish washing my hands, grab the towel and glance back at the test something else was trying to appear, a second line!!! very faint but it was definetly there... so I grab the second stick and did it again, same result. HOLY CRAP!!! Called colt and told him so we took a drive down to planned parenthood and did a test there in their bathroom and went back to the waiting room. Minutes go by and the nurse called me back to the room. Positive six weeks preg due in January. Once again HOLY CRAP!!! So yes I am going to be a mommy. Excited, scared, crapping my pants with stress but excited.
So here's the last time I will be this size for awhile...
Six weeks and counting!