Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ok so things that bug me lol

I told myself I shouldn't write one of these lists cuz then you see all your problems and annoyances right in front of you but here we go....

When I know now that Stok can sleep from 11pm to 10 am and she decides to wake up early one morning just to irritate mommy.

Colton not having a car and me allowing him to drive mine all the time and its me asking permission to use it.

Stupid Dish Network for my tv having no sound which makes no sense cuz the actual tv works fine its the sattelite.

Dish once again for racing through channels as I search for Saturday morning cartoons for Stok.

And what the hell is up with the Cartoons today? They are either trying to teach your kids spanish which im sorry that dont fly with me; THIS IS AMERICA AND TRUE AMERICANS SPEAK THE ENGLISH! sorry venting moment. But for real there is nothing on that I can see as something I want Stokley watching.

Girls who call themselves a Playboy Bunnie or wear clothes that say it. That seriously reminds me of little skanks in Jr high, your only allowed to wear it if you were actually in Playboy ok.

Girls who have no morals and are so skanky the will try and get on a guy who not only has a girlfriend but she is also carrying his child.

Ppl who can afford to go out on lavish fun dates like movies and dinner and bowling etc.

I hate sitting at work at the mall and seeing all these women who go to the mall on like a daily basis and shop shop shop, obviously they are living off their husbands cuz they obviously dont work cuz they are at the mall every damn day. That is such a Utah house wife thing, the whole point of housewife is to stay at the House lol.

Going to court and having to sit through all the other ppl to hear their verdicts, sorry for those who get bad ones.

Guys who go around jumping ppl in their own yards and get away with it for changing the story to the police.

The Orem PD. You guys can all go suck a big one for me! Thanks for letting the guilty go free and putting the innocent in jail so they can miss out on being with their family and seeing the special moment of their child being born.

Haha I could go on and on about hating the police... You can stop following my car around town waiting to see if you can find a speck of a reason to pull us over and do an illegal search, you have never found drugs in my car and you never will!

I hate being profiled by ppl. If you dont know me then you have no right to judge me! I may just be the most kick ass person you will ever meet but you wont know if you judge me first.

My flabby tummy and muffin tops. I went through this pregnancy with no stretch marks and came out at a good weight but I took it for granted and no im getting flabby.

Telling myself im going to eat good and go to the gym and then I eat myself stupid and sit on the couch lol

Damn you delicious Fast Food places you are my weakness. Its so simple to roll up to the drive thru and get something fattening off the dollar menu.

Fast Food places having nasty salads so you either make your own at home or you go out and spend $1o on one which is rediculous.

Ya so that about covers it for now but im sure I'll think of more.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Can't wait for Mothers Day!

So this Mothers Day will not only be my first but it will be very special! I am so excited to be able to celebrate the holiday for myself this year. I cannot express to you the joy motherhood can bring to your life. Its amazing and I couldnt ask for it to be any different.

Below you will see the sketch for my tattoo that I am getting for Mothers Day! A friend of Coltons drew it up for me and I absolutely love it and cant wait.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nap Time

Yesterday Stok was feeling sick so I stayed home from work to take care of her. She slept most of the day... Here we are on the couch, she didnt like yesterdays heat wave and she spent most of the early evening in nothing but a diaper cuz her poor little body just got so hott and sweaty.
Here she is with daddy earlier yesterday morning. Oh and if you look close you can see she is sucking on her thumb lol aint it just the cutest!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blessing day and Easter

Today we did a 3 in 1... Today was my Blessing day, Easter and also my 3 month birthday! It was a crazy day and mommy dressed me up in not 1 but 2 uncomfortable dresses but I sucked it up and looked adorable. My great uncle Kenny blessed me and it was very sweet and a nice experience. Mommy and Daddy and our beautiful baby girl!
Colton loves her so much!

Great gma and Couzin Brit playing with me at Easter dinner.
Look how pretty I look in my Easter dress! (mommy looks cute too haha)