Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow I've been a bad blogger!

Here is Christmas... Stok loved opening her presents and playing with her new toys! The nightgown she is wearing is the nightgown my mom dressed me in 20 years ago! Grandpa bought these button out butt jammies at Cabelas for her and would couldn't resist snapping a pick of her adorable lil bootie!

Stokleys First Birthday!!! Holy hell where has the time gone??? Where is my baby? She will be a year this Tuesday its insane! She had lots of guests and lots of presents!

This is the Tinkerbear me and Colt made Stok for her birthday. She loved it! Each one of her toys she went around to everyone in the room to share and play with lol.

She had her own little cake that she was able to devour... she first stuck her finger in and then her whole face and it went on and on from there.

Basically we are just now looking forward to an awesome 2010 and hope it takes us to good places and new things!