Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Movies

So me and Colt are pretty boring let alone broke so there are very few things we get to do on our summer nights. One thing we do is movies!!! Either renting or going to the movies. Some movies we have seen in theatres got bad reviews but the old ass loner men who review those movies wouldn't know a good flick if it bit em in the you-know-what!

Like Hancock for instance, me and Colt just loved it! Will Smith is like the best actor out right now and this movie had all elements in it. It was funny, yes some vulgar humor but honestly get over it if you dont want to see it than don't go but don't talk crap either; just a bunch of uptight mormons trying to get some attention! Anyways it was also action packed and just an overall good movie. You even wanted to cry in some parts. So if you haven't seen it and aren't afraid of a swear word or two then go see it!

Next movie is Indiana Jones. Once again bad reviews blah blah blah... I enjoyed it and Harrison Ford never looked better. Once again this movie was funny and suspenseful, overall good movie. It kept me interested the whole movie trying to see what would happen next.

We just went and saw The Love Guru last night and me and Colt we laughed so hard through the whole movie. We just love Mike Myers and the little things he adds to movies. It was just a super funny movie.

The funniest movie we have seen this summer and we just can't stop raving about is Kung Fu Panda. The voice is Jack Black and oh my hell I had tears running down my face this movie was so hilarious! If you enjoy Jack Black movies than you know that he always outs himself into the characters like his little songs and weird words, well they're not even really words but ya. We were histerical through this whole movie so if you want a good laugh then you have to go see this!!! Our favorite movie of the Summer so far.

If you dont like to go to the theatres and would rather curl up at home then go check out Blockbuster or Hollywood and rent some of the new relaeses. Some really good ones are; Fool's Gold, 10,000 B.C., The Other Boylen Girl, and Jumper. So if your pretty lame like us there's movies all around to take up the lame-ass hours of your day lol.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cravings and Udates

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been on in a while. I got a new job and just haven't had the time. Not too much exciting stuff has happened... The morning sickness has died down but I still get some waves here and there. I am craving anything salty and sour and especially fruit! We went to the grocery store the other day and I wentbuckwild in the produce section with peaches and nectarines, green apples and even lemons to make some homemade lemonade; I found recipes for really yummy lemaonade mixes with watermelon and blackberries!

Anways, lets see oh this afternoon I have my second Dr.'s appointment, Colt is coming with me and we may get to hear teh heartbeat today yay!!! I have been having trouble trying to scan the first ultrasound picture so I can put it up on here but have yet to be successful but it jsut looks like a little sea monkey right now so I will keep trying if I get newer pictures.

I am really wanting to buy stuff for the baby right now but since I still don't know what the sex is everyone says not to bother. But I can still go and get neutral clothes that could go for both and blankets and such lol. I am just really getting excited for everything!! My two friends Rachel and Amber are both within two to three weeks til there due date and it is just getting me more antisipated for my countdown.

Which reminds me in my first report I said that I was six weeks then but when I went to the doctors they told me I was not as far along. As of today I am 11 weeks along but things may still change so I will let you know if that happens.

Thats about all I have to report for now but I will try and get on here more often.