Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween and Birthday!

Happy Halloween to all! This is probably my favorite holiday but once again this year I am lame and doing nothing exciting. While my whole family goes Trick or Treating tonight I choose to stay and hand out candy with Aunt Traci and watch Halloween movies. I dont really feel like walking my preggo ass around the neighborhood this year, just too tired and walking long distances cramps up my back.

So I hope whatever you do this Halloween you enjoy it and make the most of this spooky fun holiday!

Also yesterday was my Aunt Laurie's birthday, she would have been 47 years old. Rest in Peace Aunt Laurie, we miss you! And to all those families being caused suffering by cancer I know your pain and just make the best of the times you have together. My Aunt Laurie did more in her last years than most of us do in our life time. So live your life to the fullest with no limits and no regrets!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're 2/3's There!

So here I am in the middle of my 27th week and as much as I love being pregnant I want to hold my baby girl in my arms. Yes I did say I love being pregnant however the last little while has become pretty uncomfortable. The movements are neat and cool to feel but once they get in your ribs and do it constantly especially when you are trying to sleep its not the funnest part. Haha sleep ya that doesnt really happen. I wake up to her hiccupps and movements probably at least 6 times a night. On average I am getting maybe 5 hours if that. I guess its all part of the prepping for when she comes and I am being awakened by cries all night long lol. But it is cool now not to only feel her move but to watch my belly and have it look like shes doing the worm in there or something. And to feel her move and react to hearing certain ppls voices... She defineltly knows who her daddy is cuz she goes bonkers when he rubs my belly and talks to her.
Also a thing I am constantly feeling is Braxton freaking Hicks! They dont hurt but are really uncomfortable and tight. I am hoping since I am feeling them so much that she is coming sooner! My doctor did say that I am showing two weeks ahead so either she is coming sooner than my due sate or I am just going to have a gigantor baby.

But ya me and Colt have been doing great and he is so cute about our baby. Before introducing ppl to me he rubs my belly and says thats my baby girl in there. Of course him being a guy and just the way he is he still has his boundaries with things. Mom is going with me to my birthing classes which is just fine. Colts laid back and its not like he cant support me properly if he doesnt know all the hoopla of labor. He will be the best labor partner and I cant wait for us to be in that room together and welcome our daughter together and be a family!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cute as an Ear of Corn!

This week baby is the size of an ear of corn. She is about 12 inches long and weighs a pound to a pound and a half. No wonder I have noticed me not being able to bend over or sit comfortably lol. She is taking up all the sweet room she can in there and stretching herself out good.

I love to sit and talk to her and feel her responses to my voice. She even starts moving when I am with Colt and she can hear him talking!

She may cause me some discomfort but I wouldn't change it for the world. I can't wait to see her when she is born but I know I will miss feeling her like crazy inside me knowing that she was all mine for those nine months and that I could protect her and keep her to myself!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

6 Months Along!

In this picture I have to say that I make pregnant look SEXY lol! I am truly loving my pregnant body right now I think it is just so cute and its a way to be kinda fat and ok with it.

Naked belly here. I am constantly laying in bed with my shirt up just watching my belly. I love to watch the little twitches and movements. You can littlerally see her kick, hiccup and even roll around across your belly!
Oh and I found this device at Babiesrus that I reccomend to all pregnant women... Its a prenatal heart listener. You put the device on your tummy and through the headphones you can hear her little heartbeat and kicks and movements. Stokley gets really active when I put the device on and she kicks and punches at the microphone lol.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More baby stuff of course!!!

So far I have had four ultrasounds with zero successful dvd's! It upsets this mommy very much that I can't share her cute little movements with you all! So I will tell you a little from memory... On my 19 week visit where we found out we were having a little girl the offices dvd machine was broken so that one we could not even attempt to record. She was very active during that session. We litterally watched her kicking mommy's blatter on the screen. She also rubbed her eyes and tried to hide her face which she has done on every ultrasound since. We were able to get a pic of her with her hand on her hip tho which we found very amusing and diva-ish.

This week on Sept. 29 I went in for my 23 week checkup where we did another ultrasound with the hopes of getting it recorded. This time she was sleeping but still did a few cute things. We saw her yawn and stick out her tongue and once again hide her face with her arms. We got the dvd out of the machine and brought it home only to find that it didnt work :(

So we called the tech and she told me to come back on thurs and she would redo it and that she was very sorry. So today I went in and we did two ultrasounds! The first one once again did not work. So she tried again and we got to see her have the hiccupps and suck her thumb. She used one of her own dvds to hopefully ensure that it would work and I took it home and it didnt :(

So I dont know what to do but below I was able to get a profile picture of her to show you all.
Here you have my beautiful baby girl Stokley! She is so adorable and I love her so much already I dont know how much more I could love her when I finally hold her in my arms! So can you tell who she looks more like? I can tell you she has Colts long legs cuz we all know I am a midget. As for facial features its still a bit hard to tell but so far I think she looks a lot like colt. Her eyes are still forming and coming in but they kinda look like Colts too. Everyone knows the sunken-in eyes that his whole dads side has including all his brothers and sister. As for me I think she has my nose and hands.

Here is my tribute to halloween... Marley's first costume! I guess since I dont have my baby to dress up, Marley got to be my dummy lol. She doesnt really like it but I think she looks adorable!

And here is the magnificent diaper cake that I designed all by myself. It was a fun little craft to take my mind off things. And yes, I individually rolled up each diaper and set them in place and wrapped the ribbons and stuck in the flowers lol. Sitting with the cake is Stokleys first stuffed animal! Its green which matches all her crib stuff and me and mom have a big love for frogs so she will take on the tradition and pass it on to her future kids!

Got the furniture!!!

I just love all the browsing and shopping that comes with having a baby! And can I say that without my dear mother and all her support and help my little girl would not have a lot of things. With me still out of work she has really made sure that she helped in any way that she can to make sure her grandchild had all that she needed! I really appreciate everything my mother has done for me my whole life and now! This is an example of the crib and bed set that we got for Baby Stokley. I just love these colors and everything!

This is the changing table we got which is awesome cuz it has the top part of course to hold the baby and then the open shelf which I found these green box like things that you can find in my regisrty lol and then the cupboard part where you can keep all the diapering needs out of the way so things look pretty haha.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm sick of this "Bilingual" Bullshit!!!!!

Here I am trying my hardest to get a descent job to help support my family and I keep getting turned down and they hire someone who is bilingual; who can speak fucking mexican! Since obviously in the country of America where the official language should be English and anyone who doesnt speak english should learn it but NO!!!! We accustom to them! We have to learn the language and know it to have a job. It doesnt matter what job either, offices, banks, and even fast food. I was in Wendy's the other day and someone went up to the front and needed someone who spoke spanish to help them! Who cant know enough of our language to freakin order a hamburger??? Its just such bull that it has to be this way! Sorry I have to vent over this. I do have friends who are of a spanish race but they at least took the time to learn the language and dont abuse their being in this country. They have enough respect to at least do that much. So if anyone knows of any jobs out there that wont turn me down just because I cant speak another language in the country of English, please let me know!!!!