Monday, December 29, 2008

4 weeks left!

So I have been kinda slacking on keeping you all updated on here but lets just say a lot has been going on and there is equally good and bad things. Im just trying to stay positive and not over stress myself. So to stay postive here is my latest ultrasound pic at 35 weeks! Just check out those pouty lips! She is going look so much like Colt I can already tell. You can even see the famous sunken in eyes that he and his brothers and sister have (from his dad's side) and his nose. Poor thing has no more room in there and her face is all squishy. " I shall call her my squishy" haha love Finding Nemo. She is estimating at 6 lbs but I am told that those estimates can be off by as much as a pound. Lol I am just not wanting a jumbo baby; no bigger than 8 lbs please ha ha. She has gone head down and as of todays visit her head is really far down and my cervix is starting to thin out. As much as I want her out soon I am now crossing my legs (litterally) hoping that Colton can be there! Some of you know the story and it will just be so unfair if he cannot be there to watch his baby girl be born!

So I am just taking things day by day and will see where lifes events take us into the new year! Speaking of, I hope everyone has a fabulous New Years!

Oh and I am getting pics done by Rachel tomorrow and I'm so excited! As soon as I get them, I will put them on here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

34 weeks

Had my 34 week Dr.'s visit today... I've been having contractions the last couple of days, nothing major just lil ones here and there but my Dr. wanted to check my cervix to see if I have dialated. Sadly nothing, cervix is closed still and baby hasn't really descended too far down to really think any action will happen soon. Oh well only 6 weeks to go hopefully its more like four haha I am just so ready to see my baby girl and take on the mommy role! Next week is the ultrasound where we will see her and check on if she has gone head down yet and how big she is. Im so excited. Sorry there isn't much to report this week.

Oh go and see the movie Four Christmases, its freakin hilarious I was laughing so hard and it hurt my tummy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 33 OMG!!!

So here we are in the middle of my 33rd week of Pregnancy and all I have to say is holy crap!!! I could have my little girl like anytime really and that makes me an instant mommy! Don't take that wrong, I am so excited I could pee my pants ( no litterally she is right on my bladder using it like a punching bag). But its just like wow this is really happening. Soon all those baby clothes will have a little person to cover and keep warm. I will have a constant car companion to take around and show off all over town of the little miracle I created. It will be cries instead of kicks that keep me up all night and honestly I know she will be worth every little bit! I wanted to have some cool artsy looking photos and so I took these and then tweaked them a little bit to make a more dramatic look.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Only 8 weeks to go!

This week you can compare baby's weight to a Jicama, whatever the hell that is... Baby wieghs 4 pounds and is around 17 inches long. This week baby's finger and toe nails are growing quite long and she could scratch herself in the womb. Ahh scary who knows what else she's scratching up in there lol.

So today I had a doctors visit and everything went well. We also pre-registered at the hospital so when I go into labor I will already be all checked in and I can get into that cute little buttless gown and into my room lol. Im getting so anxious I could pee my pants, no really it happens pretty much everytime I sneeze.

Oh another fun fact of my pregnancy; I developed a Salivary gland infection on Friday and my jaw, cheek and back of my ear swelled into this huge really painful lump. That is why you are not getting a pic this week lol but I will put one up soon. Im on antibiotics and tylenol for the pain and today it has felt a lot better.

So ya that is whats been going on this week so I'll keep ya posted.

Much love from Lacey and baby Stok!