Friday, August 15, 2008

R.I.P Flex Master Cheech

August 14, 2008 my baby boy left us. We dont know what the cause of his getting sick was, but we think someone may have poisoned him. Which would be the worst thing someone could ever do because he was the sweetest puppy ever. He never bit anyone or even growled at anyone. He loved people and especially other dogs around the neighborhood. He especially had love for our baby girl Marley who is our other puppy.

I will never wake up to his sweet little face in the morning curled up in between colt and I waking us up with his big kisses and those cute little chink eyes. When Colt would leave for work in the mornings Cheech would take Colts place in the bed all curled up with me and wouldnt leave my side. I wont get to hear his cute howls and the little grunts and noises he would make. He really was the perfect dog and I dont know where I could find another even close to him.
Last night I got home and knew that Cheech was not himself. He couldnt even walk and wouldnt eat. I tried to nurse him back to health and stayed right by his side. He just kept getting worse and worse. His breathing started to get more and more shallow and then he stopped breathing at all. I had him curled up in my arms cradling him like a baby as he went. I cried and cried holding him wanting him to just come back. We will miss him terribly for I dont know how long but I keep picturing his face and all the cute little things and cant help myself from breaking out in tears. R.I.P Baby Boy im sorry there was nothing I could do for you. Believe me I would have done all I could to stop you from leaving me!