Friday, September 26, 2008

Just a Friday!

Right now is a little tough on me. I still havent found a job and im not supposed to stress my body out. Im determined to get a good job and work my butt off and make some money so I can spoil my little girl like she deserves and take care of her and give her the best life ever!!! Got some interviews going so just wish me luck and we'll see where things go.

I just got to keep my head up and not give up!

So I havent really kept up on here with belly pics. I mostly just had them on my myspace but for those who dont have myspace here is how you can see me and hear my updates.

This is one of the first pics I took of my belly as it was growing! Here I am fourteen weeks. This is about the time that my "Morning Sickness" was dying down and I noticed my tummy getting a little roundness.
Here in this pic I am seventeen weeks. "Morning Sickness" completely gone and I have started to feel what they call butterflies/movement. To me tho it felt more like Colt's favorite type of fighting called "Ong Buck" which you fight the person with your elbows and knees. Lol.
Here at nineteen weeks we have discovered that we are having a little girl who will be named Stokley Cienna Davis! The ultrasound was quite entertaining to watch as she kicked and turned and posed her cute lil self all over the screen for us to see. We also discovered that mommy aka me, is suffering from what they call "Round ligament pain" which is just my muscles stretching and because I am a smaller girl I just feel it more than say someone with more meat on their bones. Its not horrible its just a stretching sensation along my bikini line.
At twenty weeks nothing really new to report. Been having some "Braxton hicks" but pretty much everything going smoothly.
And here we are tonight at 22 weeks and four days I guess you would say. I feel her all the time but especially at night; she must be a night owl like her momma lol. My friend Amber who just had her adorable lil boy Jayden in July (who will be Stok's future boy toy lol) she told me that if you drink Orange juice in the morning than it wakes them up so they will be more active in the day and rest at night like mommy wants her to. I wonder if this routine will stick when she comes out; so that she is more active in the daytime and more tired at night. Most likely not, but hey a mom can have hope!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting excited early!

So the Baby Shower we are planning on my family side is in November but I am already going nuts getting things arranged. We have our theme which I am keeping on the D.L. for now and I am gathering all the things needed to make this party! I have been all over the internet overusing the Google source for pics and descriptions on everything... Food, decor, invites, etc.

I just love all the fun planning and shopping when you are having a baby! You just get so giddy and feel like a little kid in a candy store (especially when I go to Baby Gap).

But ya it really is the most special time in your life when you are pregnant. Especially when I feel her. I especially love it when she has the hiccups. I know she probably doesn't enjoy it but it tickles me. Oh and mom was laying her head on my tummy to try and hear her heartbeat and she wasn't moving and then all of a sudden she kicked or punched mom right in the side of her head. Lol it was so funny.

But thats really all I have to report for now but I will keep the fun news coming!

Monday, September 8, 2008

We've hit the halfway mark!

Today we have hit twenty weeks and I have now entered the fifth month. Baby Stokley is now the size of a coconut, 10 oz's and 6.5 inches long. She has been moving like crazy and killing poor mom and especially mommy's ciatic nerve! My left leg has been going out on me frequently, I get a pain right in the middle of my butt and it goes all the way down my leg. I also have knots in my back that make me walk funny. So basically if you see me walk I look pretty retarded.

So I have already got the shopping bug and have been finding outfits and blankets and such and pretty much have no control and I still have another twenty weeks till she gets here to charge up my credit cards and go crazy lol. But its all good fun and definetly worth it. I have also been going over stuff for my baby shower which isnt even until November so I do have some time with that lol.

Thanks for tuning in for my babbling, those of you who do haha!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's a girl!

So we have a little girl on the way. A big shocker to me and Colt, we were expecting a boy. Boys are more dominant in Colt's family but I guess it really depends on whats in the water lol. I know of 7 other girls who are pregnant right now, all having girls. We are still super excited though and she is so damn cute! The ultrasound tech was having so much trouble getting pics of her cuz she is moving so much. When we were looking at her feet you could see her litterally bike peddaling on my bladder. It was so cute as soon as we were told girl Colt pulled out the phone and started texting everyone he knew and he was watching her move and just was so amazed by it all.

Me and Colt went out to dinner that night to celebrate and he just had the biggest grin on his face and seemed so happy. He's already got the daddy glow! Then me and mom had to run to Target to pick up a few things and of course we went to baby stuff. I already found the Stroller/carseat that I want and looked at bedding patterns and got a little outfit. The outfit is technically for a boy but you can't tell, its choc. and white striped shirt and little choc. pants.

So ya she is super healthy and doing great. She weighs ten ounces already and she is just perfect. I know the nurses and doctors probably say this to all their patients but they kept saying how she was gonna be so beautiful and I really think so too!