Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow I've been a bad blogger!

Here is Christmas... Stok loved opening her presents and playing with her new toys! The nightgown she is wearing is the nightgown my mom dressed me in 20 years ago! Grandpa bought these button out butt jammies at Cabelas for her and would couldn't resist snapping a pick of her adorable lil bootie!

Stokleys First Birthday!!! Holy hell where has the time gone??? Where is my baby? She will be a year this Tuesday its insane! She had lots of guests and lots of presents!

This is the Tinkerbear me and Colt made Stok for her birthday. She loved it! Each one of her toys she went around to everyone in the room to share and play with lol.

She had her own little cake that she was able to devour... she first stuck her finger in and then her whole face and it went on and on from there.

Basically we are just now looking forward to an awesome 2010 and hope it takes us to good places and new things!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A quickie update!!!

For starters Stokley started Walking on Nov. 6th!! She is getting so big its scary but I love her to death she has got the cutest personality. She loves to dance and sing and play with everyone. She says momma and dadda and dog and grandma and lots of other little mumbles...

I turned 21 a few days ago and had an awesome party with very close friends!

Me and Stok have both been sick the last couple days, well hers might be teeth which I hope will pass soon.

My life is pretty good other than no job but hoping that will change soon!

Much Love


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wants a tattoo for her birthday!!!

I have really really been wanting a new tatto. I want to get one for Stokley and I also want something else, not sure exactly what yet but ya..... Want One!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stokley said momma!!

So we were getting family/stokley pics yesterday and as we were doing some pics of us all walking together she randomly said "momma"!!!! She has been mumbling words for some time now... she started saying "hubba hubba" which was hilarios to hear and I think that word helped her to word out "momma"!

Here are some pics we took on the side yesterday on our camera cant wait to see how rach's pics come out!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Trip to the Zoo 8/23/09

We wanted to wait till Stok was a little older so she could actually understand what was going on around her so we decided that she was ready. It was such a nice day to go. Not super crowded or anything. Stokley loved to watch all the animals and see all the new things around her.

Look mom im as big as a baby gorilla!

Riding the carousel with Alyssa, mommy didnt feel her stomach was up to the job so I took the pics lol.

K this snake is a creepy lil basterd. He was lying there bascically dead and then he caught glimpse of Stokley and raised up and stuck its face right up to the glass. Dont even think about making a meal outta my kid!

Cute baby kitty!

Jeff me and Stok!

Me and Stok in front of the Tiger cage. Found out 2 days later they brought out the babies... grrr...will have to go again lol

Me and Stok checking out the baby giraffe!

Me and my honey bunches!

Look how strong I am ha ha

And finally Grandma and Stokley

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So a little Update!!!

Life has been really good lately....

Got rid of some stressful things in my life....

Got a new guy who is amazing and I have never been happier...

He is gorgeous and amazing and I cant keep a smile off my face since I met him...

Work is going great and I just got a raise...

Stokley is 7 months old so big....

She weighs 16 lbs and is 27in long...

She has two teeth on the bottom...

She is crawling like crazy....

Pulling herself up on everything so she can stand up....

She reaches up for ppl to pick her up....

All I can say is I am loving life right now and am so happy and I will post more when I get a chance!!!

Love Lace

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lacey's Diaper Cakes!!!

Hey everyone I have another blog...

I am selling handmade diaper cakes that I make myself. So if you know anyone who is pregnant give them this link and go check it out!!!

Love Lacey