Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goodbye Winter!!!

No more of this cold, wet snow!
Yes say hello to the sunshine and warm weather! I cant wait to be able to take Stokley out for walks in the beautful sunshine. I already got a bikini picked out for those Summer swimming days!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Me posing with my rose from Grandpa Andy!

And reading my card

All our flowers

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sorry its been awhile

So I've been super busy with Stokley that I havent kept up with keeping you all notified of how things are going. So here is some events and some pics that I have taken over the last few weeks.

When we brought her home she had Jaundice and we had to have a Bilibed brought to the house so we could put her under the lights. We had to keep her on them as much as possible which she hated and I hated too. It took her a couple days to get it out of her system and I was so glad when they told us she was done because every morning we had to take her out in the cold to the hospital to get her little heel pricked and test her Biliruben levels to see if it was going down. We were all happy that she got better.

But because we took her out in the cold she got really congested in her nose and sounded like a little pig all the time cuz her poor little nose was stuffed. When she would be in her crib sleeping I would wake up all throughout the night even when she wasnt crying just to check and make sure she didnt stop breathing. It was so nerve-racking.

And oh the breastfeeding... ya that lasted a little over 3 weeks and then I was done. I really tried but it just wasnt working for the both of us. In week 2 she stopped feeding off of me so I was just pumping into a bottle and feeding it to her. Well I really wanted the bonding experience of her to feed off me so I got a nipple shield so she would eat from me. This worked but she would eat for about 3 minutes and then she would fall asleep. And I had so much milk, I would pump 6 oz from each breast every 2 hours. I was so engorged and would leak through everything. So I finally had enough and decided to dry up because I thought about how hard it would be once I went back to work.

Here are some pics I've just taken randomly over the last couple weeks...