Friday, August 28, 2009

Trip to the Zoo 8/23/09

We wanted to wait till Stok was a little older so she could actually understand what was going on around her so we decided that she was ready. It was such a nice day to go. Not super crowded or anything. Stokley loved to watch all the animals and see all the new things around her.

Look mom im as big as a baby gorilla!

Riding the carousel with Alyssa, mommy didnt feel her stomach was up to the job so I took the pics lol.

K this snake is a creepy lil basterd. He was lying there bascically dead and then he caught glimpse of Stokley and raised up and stuck its face right up to the glass. Dont even think about making a meal outta my kid!

Cute baby kitty!

Jeff me and Stok!

Me and Stok in front of the Tiger cage. Found out 2 days later they brought out the babies... grrr...will have to go again lol

Me and Stok checking out the baby giraffe!

Me and my honey bunches!

Look how strong I am ha ha

And finally Grandma and Stokley

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